The Review Process

In writing these reviews, research projects like the Horicultural Australian research*, SAWS Texas Research*, and the Ozbreed Richmond Research, and information on various websites such as Sir Walter, Palmetto, and Sapphire etc. were used to formulate the main information. The reviewer is also very experienced in regard to Buffalo turf, and his knowledge was incorporated. These reviews were then checked by others before being used on the website.

* There is no association or affiliation between Ozbreed and these research projects.

About the Reviewer

Todd Layt writes for magazines including Golf and Sports Turf Australia, Landscape Contractor and Landscape Manager and the Garden Gurus. Todd has played an integral part in providing the information for this review website.

Todd Layt has worked in the turf industry for 30 years. His father, mother, and grandfather also spent much of their life working in the lawn turf industry, so from an early age he was surrounded by turf. He was an integral part of the supply and design of dryland and wetland areas around the Sydney Olympics, and was the founder of Abulk Pty Ltd, which now has been sold.

Todd Layt is one of the best known Australian breeders of turf and Australian Native Plants, breeding over 35 different varieties. Many of these plants are now selling by the millions overseas, in places like the USA, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. He is the owner of Ozbreed Pty Ltd, licensing many of the plant and turf varieties to hundreds of growers around the world, with the help of his team of staff, including his wife and son.

Todd has been instrumental in developing the market for new imported varieties of turf in Australia, including Palmetto, and has in addition bred 4 new turf types, one of which is the Sapphire Buffalo. Sapphire Buffalo is currently being rapidly expanded in the USA, and has performed very well in USA trials.

The information Todd has provided has been edited, and other information for the varieties has been added. The editor’s choice has been calculated based on the opinions of Todd Layt, Nathan Dutschke (a former employee of Ozbreed as a Horticultural Consultant at the time these articles were created), and the editor of this site, Cassandra Layt a current employee of Ozbreed. It is based mainly on research data, but also on some subjective criteria including softness, sponginess, and beauty. This site is powered and sponsored by Ozbreed, with other sponsors currently being sort.